Annik Riise

Neste person som blir med oss til Nepal er den eventyrlystne Annik les mer om henne her! Navn: Annik Riise Alder: 19 år Hvor er du fra: Lørenskog Studieretning: Elektroingeniør Litt om meg selv: Heyooo, mennesker! Jeg er Annik, en førsteårsstudent på elektroingeniørstudiet her i Trondheim. Har du hørt om Haikerens Guide til Galaksen, mer … More Annik Riise

Nora Statle Løndal

Let us get to know the last member of the project, Nora Statle Løndal. Name: Nora Statle Løndal Age: 22 Hometown: Lillehammer, Oppland Study program: Nanotechnology Hobbies: Hiking, needlework and photography. Motivation and some expectations: Quite often, I find it frustrating being a student. Yes, exams are tough and yes, there is always a chapter or an article that should … More Nora Statle Løndal

Maria Claire Westad

Let us get to know the next member of the project, Maria Claire Westad. Name: Maria Claire Westad Age: 21 Hometown: Stavanger, Rogaland Study program: Electrical Engineering (Energi og Miljø) Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and traveling Motivation and some expectations: To have functional medical equipment is something the developed world take for granted. Unfortunately, this is not the case … More Maria Claire Westad

Marie Langnes Bakke

Let us get to know the next member of the project, Marie Langnes Bakke.   Name: Marie Langnes Bakke Age: 21 Hometown: Porsgrunn, Telemark Study program: Mechanical Engineering (Produktutvikling og produksjon) Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, knitting Motivation and some expectations: My big motivation to participate in the program is to use my background to do something helpful and meaningful. As a … More Marie Langnes Bakke

Synnøve Hovden

Let’s get to know the next member of the project, Synnøve Hovden. Name: Synnøve Hovden Age: 21 Hometown: Bykle, Aust-Agder Study program: Electrical Engineering (Energi og Miljø) Hobbies: Hiking, skiing Motivation and some expectations: I think that growing up in Norway with infinite opportunities comes with a responsibility to help those who do not have … More Synnøve Hovden

Ingvild Brekke Espedal

Let us get to know one of the members of the project, Ingvild Brekke Espedal. Name: Ingvild Age: 22 Hometown: Sandvika, Akershus Study program: Mechanical Engineering Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, volleyball. Motivation and some expectations: As a Norwegian citizen, I’ve been privileged to have access to advanced medical equipment and be covered by some the best … More Ingvild Brekke Espedal

Ruben Buchmann

Let us get to know the first member of the project, Ruben. Name: Ruben Buchmann Age: 25 Hometown: Trondheim, Norway Study program: Electric power engineering Hobbies: Music, sports, acting Motivation and some expectations: I see the Nepal Summer Institute as an excellent opportunity to challenge myself both culturally and academically, while putting theoretical knowledge into … More Ruben Buchmann